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Dental Sleep Medicine

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Waking up Tired?
Snoring affecting your relationship?

Combining modern technology and advancements in dentistry to offer comfortable, appropriate treatment options for Sleep Apnoea sufferers.

The Absolute Sleep vision is this simple. 

We are passionate about helping the growing number Sleep Apnoea sufferers with pragmatic and effective treatment solutions.

Through their dental careers, Dr Christopher Pantin and Dr Valerie Bennett have been fascinated by the link between dental health, sleep and overall wellbeing.

Today they believe it’s become too common to see doctors’ waiting rooms with people suffering Sleep Apnoea symptoms; with a little care and attention people’s overall health and well-being can be improved by effectively managing people’s untreated sleep apnoea and snoring.

Much time, effort and money will be saved if people are accurately diagnosed early and offered viable treatment options that work in the long-term.