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Are Crowns good value for money?

So crowns would be the next topic that we should look at. Crowns a very interesting crown to a fantastic tool in our box. So essentially a crown basically replaces all the enamel on your teeth. So all the enamel’s removed and only the dentine layer, the layer under the enamel is left and we simply replace all of the enamel. Now, I guess they are excellent value for money when they used were indicated, but it depends how you measure cost. So we’re either talking about fiscal costs in dollars or we’re talking about biological costs, which means potential further damage to the tooth.

So our philosophy is that if you are told in our practice you need a crown, you simply need a crown. Right. There shouldn’t be any questions asked in our practice because we do not do them unless they’re absolutely necessary and they become absolutely necessary when we’re concerned that the risk of losing that tooth is high. So if we think that crown is going to make the tooth last longer for a significant amount of time, longer, to be honest, so we wouldn’t think of five year vision is good.

We wouldn’t be thinking, therefore we can save a tooth for a five year. That that’s good value for money. But that’s all the thought process we’re going through when we’re deciding whether you should have a crown or not. The other side of it, of course, is a lot of people come in and they want their front teeth crown to look beautiful. Well, that is all decided on a case by case basis. If your teeth have already had a lot of fillings, then you can probably justify that if they are virgin teeth, meaning they’ve never had a filling and they’re just a bit crooked.

This practice will never crown your teeth for you. But what we would do and we have done and we do do regularly is send you to the orthodontist, have a short stint of orthodontic treatment and then simply whiten them. And then you have beautiful white natural teeth going forward. So this is particularly for the middle aged.